Journey of evolution…


As you grow as a person you realise the true importance of some of the relationships you make a long your life’s journey, from family, to personal relationships, to friends, to acquaintances.  Every person you come in to contact with is teaching you something or serving a purpose, a life lesson for many different circumstances or reasons and depending on how long those relationships last can determine the purpose of the lesson learnt within that time.  Lessons that help you on the journey you’re on, you may not know the reason for it at the time that it happens but you will in months or even years to come.  No one can replace those lessons for it was those particular persons that were brought in to your life to serve for those particular reasons and helped you to where you are today.  If you hoped they would still be around and aren’t, no need to cry over spilt milk, it can always be wiped away!

Your earlier relationships that you thought were important become less important as you get older, you tolerate less, you grow stronger in confidence and say no when you use to say yes.  You come in to contact with new people who give you a greater sense of purpose, a different way of looking at life, treat you with more respect and love you, flaws and all, in turn making you a happier person.  You light up differently, you dress differently, you feel different, a new, happier you, opening doors you never imagined you’d open.

“Keep hold of the ones that light up your heart, put an extra pitch in your laugh and a further stretch in your smile”

Then there’s that one person usually a boyfriend or girlfriend that pulls your heart strings in a way unimaginable, that feeling that makes you have butterflies consistently, a sense of security, always giving you a different perspective on things, keeping things relevant and real.  That one person that somehow makes you giddy and puts an extra step in your stride, supporting you always even when its not visible to see but you know their always there, helping you to the next level of that one thing you never thought you’d achieve.

The love that this person makes you feel is something that you for sure don’t want to let go and no matter the obstacles and the situations you might find yourself in you’ll fight and make sure that “losing them never becomes a possibility” and if it does you’ll do your  upmost to make sure it never becomes reality but at times when it does believe its a lesson learnt, hard but consolable, painful but can be cured.  There will always be that moment that you trip up, make that obvious mistake, take it a little too far, allow dishonesty to get in the way but if its real none of those things will come to light, none of those things will really allow you to lose or destroy what or whom you love the most.

Relationships, Friendships, Acquaintances…. whatever it is they are, know that, here now gone tomorrow, there’s always a reason for their existence and their disappearance, always a lesson learnt.

Smile and keep on elevating… 🙂




  1. Lauren · February 2, 2016

    Fully agree with whats been said sis. Looking forward to reading your next one xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. simpledimple · February 2, 2016

    The people we encounter in the journey of life are for a purpose. Some of them exit our lives when they complete their missions. And we are left with the memories and experiences whether good or bad. Life is about relationships. Refreshing reading this! Thanks. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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