Journey of evolution…


As you grow as a person you realise the true importance of some of the relationships you make a long your life’s journey, from family, to personal relationships, to friends, to acquaintances.  Every person you come in to contact with is teaching you something or serving a purpose, a life lesson for many different circumstances or reasons and depending on how long those relationships last can determine the purpose of the lesson learnt within that time.  Lessons that help you on the journey you’re on, you may not know the reason for it at the time that it happens but you will in months or even years to come.  No one can replace those lessons for it was those particular persons that were brought in to your life to serve for those particular reasons and helped you to where you are today.  If you hoped they would still be around and aren’t, no need to cry over spilt milk, it can always be wiped away!

Your earlier relationships that you thought were important become less important as you get older, you tolerate less, you grow stronger in confidence and say no when you use to say yes.  You come in to contact with new people who give you a greater sense of purpose, a different way of looking at life, treat you with more respect and love you, flaws and all, in turn making you a happier person.  You light up differently, you dress differently, you feel different, a new, happier you, opening doors you never imagined you’d open.

“Keep hold of the ones that light up your heart, put an extra pitch in your laugh and a further stretch in your smile”

Then there’s that one person usually a boyfriend or girlfriend that pulls your heart strings in a way unimaginable, that feeling that makes you have butterflies consistently, a sense of security, always giving you a different perspective on things, keeping things relevant and real.  That one person that somehow makes you giddy and puts an extra step in your stride, supporting you always even when its not visible to see but you know their always there, helping you to the next level of that one thing you never thought you’d achieve.

The love that this person makes you feel is something that you for sure don’t want to let go and no matter the obstacles and the situations you might find yourself in you’ll fight and make sure that “losing them never becomes a possibility” and if it does you’ll do your  upmost to make sure it never becomes reality but at times when it does believe its a lesson learnt, hard but consolable, painful but can be cured.  There will always be that moment that you trip up, make that obvious mistake, take it a little too far, allow dishonesty to get in the way but if its real none of those things will come to light, none of those things will really allow you to lose or destroy what or whom you love the most.

Relationships, Friendships, Acquaintances…. whatever it is they are, know that, here now gone tomorrow, there’s always a reason for their existence and their disappearance, always a lesson learnt.

Smile and keep on elevating… 🙂



My daily battle with “Levo”

Before my new bestfriend “Levo”……

Those out there that have something they have to contend with on a daily basis that’s not visible to the naked eye will understand the effects such a thing no matter how small has on them mentally, emotionally and physically.  Mine is two very small pills called “Levo” that’s Levothyroxine for short, that still to this day I struggle to take.

Life before Levo` was great no real reason to worry about looking after my body too tough because as far as I was concerned I was living life, young and free.  I could work long hours, dance all night, party with the girls non stop for 24 hours and keep going but my body had other plans. May dad did warn me on many occasions about burning the candle at both ends but no I knew best and I was going to do what I wanted do.

Until, 8 months of an illness unknown required blood test after blood test, examinations and lots of rest before I was any closer to finding out exactly what was wrong with me.  Finally I found out what was really going on…….Overactive Thyroids you say….what….what does that even mean…what and where is your Thyroid gland anyway?? All the questions you’ll ask yourself whilst going through the motions and being fed all these random medical terms that mean absolutely nothing to you until you do that all important search on Google!

So your thyroid gland is in the front of your neck and until now who knew that the hormones that it produces controls every part of your body from your brain to your skin to your muscles, playing a crucial role in controlling how your body uses energy including how your heart beats to burning calories. Lord knows I have to work twice as hard to get rid of calories due to the affects that Levo has on me (emoticons would be really helpful right now, lol)….annoying, frustrating and extremely uncomfortable when you feel like you have tyres lined up inside your stomach when you sit down.  Hell no, not for me, off to the gym I go 🙂

I can live with this, people live with much worse but these two bloody pills are the bane of my life and yet I can’t do nought about it.  So two years pass and then the doctors says unfortunately at your young age you can’t continue to take Levo and a mix of other tablets long term without doing something else so you have a decision to make….wonderful, hit me with it. 1 Radioactive Iodine – are you crazy anything with the word “radioactive” in it can’t be right and the side affects, no thanks, next 2 Anti Thyroid medications – which will have more or less the same effect as my current medications but will be up and down, and the point of that is??, next 3 beta blockers – a class of drug used for those with heart failure or anxiety, what, no my gland just doesn’t produce enough hormones, next and last but not least surgery thyroidectomy…wonderful and of course this would be the one best for me to undertake at my age and will provide me with the best outcome.  Asking all the correct questions I wanted to know step by step what was going to happen because all I have in my head is I’m going to have a big fat hole in my neck where they’re going to slice me in order to take this gland out, pfftttt!!

Surgery time is here and I’m nervous as hell but I have confidence in what I’ve been told.  Its a common practice, many people have it, keyhole surgery nothing to worry about, you’ll be in hospital for about 2 days max…..ermmmm how wrong were they.  Now don’t let me put you off as this is the best thing I could have done but at the time it seemed like a nightmare.  I was in hospital for about a week as my calcium levels were low, I didn’t recover as quickly as most and all the things that I was told would happen, the complete opposite happened, sods law.  This made me the most miserable, unsociable, non-communicating patient ever however I had a private room and an ipad to keep me company and I kept my door shut, I was far from interested in making friends with anyone i.e. nurse, doctor, cleaner who felt the need to come in to my room at the most ungodly hours….but I survived 🙂

Although my experience wasn’t the best I’ve learnt a lot about graves disease and how it truly affects your body.  It’s extremely common and not as serious as some of those other deadly diseases out there but it can have a massive affect on ones body, emotions, hormones and mental state if not treated seriously. Get diagnosed and be sure to look for a long term option, if you know about Levothyroxine and your not taking it properly, be sure to, you’ll appreciate it in the long run.

Levo is my friend for life and without it I wouldn’t function properly!






“Intuitive Me…”

Who am I…originally from Luton now residing in London, I have a great passion for dance and a travel enthusiast always planning for that next destination. Speaking of which, not long back from Oslo, next trip Amsterdam 🙂
Im here, because my boyfriend said I should do it…..and I’m glad I did. I gave in to my initial reservations for blogging in the first place i.e. What to write? How to write it? What will people think? Criticism? Exposing myself to the world! It’s great way of expressing yourself and connecting with at least one person in the world that might just relate and find your blogs an interesting read, I hope you will all enjoy.
I feel I’ve grown in confidence and what’s really to lose?! Travelling quite frequently it’s great to meet new people from all over the world, learning about different cultures, interacting with others. It would be great to possibly connect with others who have the same interests as I do. I’m intrigued by the possibilities of blogging publicly and what it can open up to.
I’d like to meet like minded people from all over the world, who love to travel, love to talk, those who can teach me something new and open my mind up to other things that I may never have thought about. I hope to bring variety to my blog posts to do with my life, my travels, reviews on places to eat, venues, photography and anything else that I feel to share.
It would be great to achieve a healthy following which I know will take time but would be a rewarding achievement, hopefully this course will help me get to that point.  I also hope to learn how to blog effectively, how to make my blogs more interesting in my writing, more noticeable, learn from others who’ve been blogging for a while and hopefully make some new friends along the way 🙂
2016…here’s to learning new skills and networking…I hope you enjoy 🙂

My heart that beats, is like my dancing feet!!


I remember the day my mum took me to a ballet class, I was 6 years old and she asked me “would you like to do that?” unsure at first, nervous but intrigued the next thing I knew I was taking classes with DLJ School of Ballet & Theatre Dance (Debbie Jellis) I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so I took up Ballet, Tap & Modern/Jazz.  

From training, to classes, to exams, to shows, I managed about 8 years of it finishing in 1994 with my last exam at the Royal Academy of Dancing.   Although I loved to dance I struggled at times with the fact that I was different to the other girls, one I was one of two black girls, two I was a lot thicker in size than the others and three ballet music wasn’t really to my liking but I just loved to dance.  Tap was my favourite style of dance and I wished I continued with it but I got so bored of ballet that I gave it all up.  I remember my mum being angry with me as she just bought me a pair of pointe’s when I decided I had, had enough, lol!

I don’t ever regret doing ballet as it disciplined me and taught me several important things that would go on to help me in my life.  I learnt the importance of listening, you can learn a lot just by paying attention.  Perseverance, I was always frustrated by certain moves or routines that were so complex and took time to get that I just wanted to give up but my love for dance kept me going. Discipline, strict teacher, strict rules, dress code and following instructions, a great basis for dedication doing something you love and who knew how much more important this would be in helping throughout my school life. I found Passion in dance that would motivate me to continue for the number of years that I stuck at it and that would continue in to my early 20’s when I found “Street Dance”, it also taught me the importance of working with others.

I was without dance for several years until I came to London to go to University.  I met a girl in one of my subject classes who I got to know, she spoke to me about what she does outside class “Street Dance”…I asked lots of questions about where she danced, what it was like and she urged me to go to one of the classes.  I plucked up the courage to attend a street dance class at Huskies Studies in Elephant and Castle, this was with a Company called “Image” I really enjoyed dancing with them and never realised how much I missed dancing in general until then. Whilst at Image I met a guy who had plans on starting his own dance Company, he said if I’m interested I should come down and who knew he would become a great friend and an amazing teacher who creates unique dance pieces for some of the most high level events in the Country and in Europe including the London Olympics Opening Ceremony.  Dance with “Boy Blue Entertainment” from 2000 to about 2006 was my life and the people I connected with were my family.  Dance back then was about unity and pure passion for dance, who knew that passion would be contended with an illness that would halt my progress and eventually take that fulfilment from me.  When we did shows we all came together, purchased our own costumes, danced to till the late hours, ate together after training, raved together, spent time together at each others houses, everyone’s mum was our mum too.  

No longer having the energy to compete, keep up, develop, it frustrated me so much that the easier way of dealing with it was to give up.  I didn’t have the energy to maintain my stamina throughout rehearsals let alone performing on stage which I loved but from being one of the best dancers in the class to barely keeping up with dancers in rehearsals knocked my confidence and angered me to the point I didn’t enjoy just trying anymore. I stopped and then I went back to rehearsals, then I stopped but always have it in my thoughts and when I hear music that hits a certain cord in my body I just get that feeling that I want to be there again.  Dance has changed in so many ways and of course I never thought it would be the same but it would make deciding to go back much easier.  I still say to myself that I want to do rehearsals but having chosen a different work life, time and distance doesn’t make it easy.

I miss performing loads and I will hopefully go back to rehearsals in the New Year.  Dance has taught me so much and life without it is just not possible, its a great healer, a great stress reliever and music has a perfect place in my heart.  My favourite genre of music has got to be house, soulful and deep house to be precise, the beat, the sounds, the bass is like falling in love over and over again….I love it!!  To be without music and dance for me is to be without life… if in doubt….just DANCE!!!